Car garage

If you have a car, you cannot avoid car garages. Sooner or later there will always be something that needs to be replaced. Even if it’s just a light, nowadays you can’t even do it yourself.


You can’t escape it


With a car you cannot escape it; There is something wrong with your car and it needs to be repaired at a garage. If you have a lease car, maintenance and repairs often fall within your lease contract and are therefore quickly arranged. If you bought a car yourself, it’s a different story. You can pay for the costs that can add up. Because nowadays all cars are built in such a way that as much as possible fits under the hood, it is often impossible to replace your own light bulb or change car Lubricants. With a smart, for example, even the engine has to be lowered a bit to be able to reach it. You will certainly not be happy when you are presented with the bill afterwards.




Among car drivers in the Netherlands, irritation towards car mechanics can be quite high because often no clear explanation is given about the repair. What exactly is going on and what the costs will be is often not discussed in advance. It is sometimes difficult to estimate that in advance, but it is completely annoying if it turns out afterwards that another car garage could have done it cheaper. However, a second opinion is not often done at another garage. We are often guided by experiences made by acquaintances or friends, but we are also often guided by the internet.


Online feedback


With the rise of the internet and social media, the entire car industry has become a lot more transparent in terms of quality. It soon becomes clear whether it is a reliable garage or not. Experiences are exchanged online, which makes it easier to get information about such a car garage online.


Find a car garage


Google is also often guided by. Google is known for showing the exact search results people are looking for. What is not very well known is that the websites that optimize for Google come up better. It is often assumed that the search results on the first page are the best companies. So this is not the case. To give car garages a chance to be found locally within Google, two entrepreneurs have set up a company. This is a platform where entrepreneurs from various industries are easier to find within Google. Information can also easily be requested from car garages in Leiden or in other cities, via the contact form on various pages. A price request can therefore be made via one message, at the various car garages.

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