5 tips for aspiring leaders

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Joko Willink, former Marine and world bestselling author of leadership and discipline, shared important tips to help young leaders lead their team to success.

  1.  Remember to be humble and don’t be arrogant. You are honored to lead people, they count on you, and you must make informed decisions.
  2.  Stick to simple rules, don’t build complex systems, and you will soon feel quite confident.
  3.  Feel free to ask questions. Everyone understands that questions are natural for beginners. Listen to advice and don’t be afraid to seek advice. Treat your subordinates with respect, do not humiliate them, build trust with them.
  4.  Set a personal example, work no less than others. Be sincere, people are good at feeling false. Don’t give in to emotions, anger is a bad counselor. But at the same time, be decisive and do not back down from your decisions.
  5.  If leadership fell on a person unexpectedly, he may get confused and feel like an impostor, taking someone else’s place. Most often, this means that he is simply modest, which in itself is not bad.

Arrogant leaders do the opposite. It seems to them that their very position gives them the right to dispose, that they cannot have erroneous decisions. In fact, they simply do not think about solutions, do not want to study and prepare, do not want to listen to anyone. This attitude can destroy both the leader and the team.

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